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Stop Observing and Start Practicing: 4 Ways to Level Up Your Animation Skills

Are you a learning junkie? I know I am. I could fill half my schedule with learning new tools and techniques in animation. A few years back, I enrolled in animation bootcamp with School of Motion. This was a huge eye opener for me.  I realized I only need a computer, after effects and good internet […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Last week I celebrated a huge milestone birthday…that’s right folks, I am now part of the “over the hill” 40 club. And like most new members, I’m not happy about it. I’ve felt this milestone creeping up with the beginnings of fine wrinkles, the first (hundred) grey hairs and those awkward moments of forgetfulness. Getting […]

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How to Learn By “Copying”

In the online world of creatives, when a brave artist shares a new and inspiring work, it often shakes up the industry and eventually creates a trend. As the trend grows, the style or idea is typically copied by others for many reason – money, success, fame. Of course this is the negative side of copying, sort of like plagiarism. But what if we explore the grey area of copying and call it by a less dirty word, like “emulation”. I’ve personally found the act of copying as part of deliberate pract

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