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What I Learned in 5 Years of Freelancing in Animation

freelancing in animation

Over the past 5 years of freelancing in animation, I’ve learned a ton about business, animation and myself. In this post, I’d like to share a few of the biggest lessons learned from freelancing my animation services for the last 5 years. This milestone has caused me to stop and think about how far I’ve […]

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Best Tools For Animation Project Organization

project organization

A huge part of creating a successful animated video is project organization. This involves building systems, schedules and regular communication with clients. For most animators (myself included), the idea of staying organized can send us into a panic. We like to keep things loose and free and let the inspiration guide us. But lesson number one when running your […]

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For many creatives (including myself), the idea of working alongside various forms of government seems stifling. Stories of red tape, bureaucracy, inflexibility – all of it acting as a wall that prevents artists from exploring opportunities. All of these concerns were in my head when the city of St. Catharines approached me to produce an animated video for the Mayor’s State of the City Address this year, and I admit it made me nervous.

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