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5 Things I Learned from Animation Bootcamp

I love learning. I think most people do. But learning on your own can get lonely and unmotivating fast – especially as a freelancer. Over the last couple years I’ve been struggling to get better at the craft of animation. Even though I studied animation in art school, that was many many…ok, let’s not get into specifics here…but many years ago. The point is, I’ve been feeling rusty and out of practice. I needed a solution to learn and improve quickly, without the long term commitment or finan

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Animation Practice – The Bouncing Ball

Over the past year I’ve been putting extra effort into my animation skills. I am incredibly rusty from spending years in a career which has taken me far from the world of animation I want to be a part. In an effort to redirect my course, I am taking deliberate steps towards practising my craft and putting the “doing” of animation into my calendar, as opposed to the thinking, reading and ‘wishing’ to get better at animation. I thought it might be helpful for others who may be in the same boat, to

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