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Top 5 Tips to Find, Audition and Hire Top Notch Voice Talent for Your Next Animated Video

Voiceover Talent for Animation

Getting a professional, high quality voiceover is a critical part of a successful animated promotional video. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time and resources coming up with amazing visuals and killer story only to have your husband read the script and record it through an iphone while wrapped up in blankets […]

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5 Essential Metrics to Ensure Success for your Animated Video

So, you’re about to embark on your first animated video project – how exciting! But how clear is your vision of success? How will you know if your video is truly successful? Like most of my clients, you may have some hesitation or doubt around measuring the success of your video. Questions may bubble up, such […]

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How to Define a Clear Goal for your Next Animated Video

We’ve all found ourselves saying this from time to time: “I’m going to wing it!”. You know, that saying we use when we’re going to fly by the seat of our pants and just dive right into something. We say it when we’re going to do something challenging with little preparation. Like that time you […]

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Welcome to our New Website!

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve launched our new site. And I feel like I have “arrived” as a business owner, now that I’ve gone through my first round of “website re-design”.

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How Much Does Animated Video Cost?

So, you’ve decided that an animated explainer video is the best way to explain your new product or service. These short, fun and super engaging videos are an excellent way to share your story and get your audience interested. But your first logical question is, how much is this video going to cost?

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