Is your product or service making the impact you know it could be?

Imagine a custom solution. A simple message that emotionally connects with your audience no matter where they are.

This solution is possible with custom Animated Explainer Videos

Perhaps you've invested your time  in writing up white papers, web copy or blog posts to reach your audience,  But, let’s face it, text on a page, especially when  super technical, can get lost quickly.

You struggle to simplify your message and connect with your tribe because there are so many layers of complicated and important information. You struggle to find the right words and communicate clearly.  

It’s time to try something different.


  • You are looking to capture attention, build curiosity and establish trust in your audience.
  • You struggle to develop an elevator pitch for your message.
  • You are tired of repeating your sales pitch over and over and getting that glazed over look from your customers.
  • You want your message to come across fresh and interesting, something that will rise to the top of the internet noise.

Explainer videos use animation and voice over to quickly explain a product or idea. Unlike text on a page, animation is clear and memorable and often connects us to our childhood, giving us those nostalgic warm and fuzzies.

Animation is friendly, accessible and fun to watch - and when done successfully, will educate and entertain your audience and make your brand look awesome in the process.


Niagara Health Systems

Client: Niagara Health

Style: Motion Graphics - Text Animation

CAA Niagara

Client: CAA Niagara

Style: 2D Character Animation

Strata Pathways Software

Client: Strata Health

Style: Whiteboard & 2D Character Animation

Niagara Health Systems

Client: Niagara Health Systems

Style: 2D motion graphics


Client: eHealth Ontario

Style: 2D motion graphics - including characters

BarterPay Explainer

Client: BarterPay Niagara

Style: 2D Motion Graphics


  • Custom Story Consulting  - We take the time to research and analyze each client’s message in depth. We have gotten really good at listening and the more complex the message, the better. We love the challenge to simplify! Most studios develop scripts from a template and fill in the blanks based on client “questionnaires”. If you have a complex product, you know you won’t fit into this mold. We ask careful, selective questions and actively listen in order to fully understand your brand and story and only then will we develop this into a script, then storyboard, and finally a video that is just right for your audience.
  • Unique Design and Animation - Animation is our passion and we are more than your typical "out of the box” explainer animation studio. We take the time to design your animation so it’s truly unique. You won’t find duplicated illustrations or designs. We craft each video from scratch, and that means all graphics are designed and animated by hand. From 3D animation to 2D whiteboard styles to character animation, we work hard to stay up to date on animation trends but also advise and help you decide which style would work best for your story.
  • Professional Voiceover - We have access to a world wide voiceover network where we find the voice that fits your brand exactly. From age and gender to tone and personality, we will narrow down your search and offer 3-5 professional auditions and you can make the final choice. We even have access to other languages, so if you are dealing with an international market - the option of additional language voiceovers are always available. 
  • Responsive Communication - Are you concerned about creative freelancers dropping off the radar as soon as the project starts? Or perhaps you've been passed around 10 different contacts within a large agency? At Image Propeller, you will have one main point of contact - her name is Sandra! That's me. I am diligent about communication and make a point of getting in touch consistently throughout each milestone so you know what’s going on and if there are any hiccups along the way. As a small studio we are also nimble and responsive to changes that come around - and they always do!


Sandra was always gracious about accepting feedback from both me and the client, and she used our ideas to add creative touches in unexpected places. The final videos were positively received by the client, and it made me look really good. Her methodical approach to video creation gave me ideas on how I can replicate it for future projects, so I really hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon! 

Kim Kohatsu | Charles Ave Marketing

I partnered with Sandra a few months ago on a project for a client. I hired her to help uplevel my client's YouTube Channel and re-brand his intro and outro imaging. Sandra exceeded my expectations, as not only did I get fabulously branded video imaging, but, marketing and production insights that helped us create a whole new concept for his entire channel and strategic marketing plan moving forward. When I hired Sandra, I expected a video production specialist. What I got was even more, as she is now a professional partner to whom I've come to depend on for all my video production needs.Her expertise is evident throughout the entire process, and her ability to look beyond the current project is a breathe of fresh air. Hands down the best experience I've ever had.

Lysa Greer | Fresh Take Productions | Digital Producer

I would happily recommend Sandra without hesitation. Reasons are simple - she does great work, keeps to deadlines, is very responsive and most importantly, she listens.

Patrick J. Robson

Sandra offers a unique service with her specific expertise and talent. She's creative, passionate and super smooth. With Sandra’s use of 3D animation we were able to showcase a concept around areas of revitalization in Niagara Falls; and with an animated video, we helped residents visualize what these improvements throughout the City will look like and mean to them

Carey Campbel

Sandra is very professional and easy to work with. She worked around our schedule and was very considerate of our timeline. We have learned a lot from working with Sandra. She walked us through the process and timelines necessary to produce a video which we can use to educate and promote the agriculture industry in Niagara. With the use of project management tools we were able to see what needed to be completed, by whom and the preferred date.

Cathy Mous - North Niagara Federation of Agriculture