The Impact of Airborne Particles

"You probably know that air pollution is bad for your lungs, but did you know that it is a major risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide? We usually focus on diet or exercise to prevent heart disease, but we can’t escape air pollution; it’s all around us."

the challenge

Bruce Lanphear is a professor of children's environmental health at Simon Fraser University and a clinician/scientist at the Child & Family Research Institute of B.C Children's Hospital. He is a world renowned expert in the area of environmental health and the impact of air pollution on many aspects of our health. 

When he approached us with an idea to collaborate on a 3D video, I was absolutely thrilled to jump right in. Not only was the concept of the video creative and challenging - but the idea of visualizing this important research and communicating to an audience all over the world was an opportunity I could not turn down. We worked in a small team with Bruce, his brother Bob Lanphear, who is the creative director and Mark Underdown, sound designer.

the Process

The production time on the project was long and challenging - we were tasked to create a 4 minute video with a lot of animation and effects to figure out.  Here are some early concepts and style frames:


Produced and Narrated by Bruce Lanphear

Creative Director: Bob Lanphear - Lanphear Design

Video Production and Animation: Sandra Tournemille - Image Propeller Studios

Audio: Mark Underdown - Underdown Audio

the solution

I'm really excited to see how this video works for Bruce and his team. Communicating this important research was a huge challenge, but the final video turned out to have a huge impact on many audiences. 

"Sandra was professional and articulate throughout the project. She helped us understand the challenges and set realistic goals for 3D animation. We always knew where things stood. We are extremely pleased with the video and are confident it will engage viewers and communicate the key messages."

Bruce Lanphear | Faculty of Health & Science, Simon Fraser University

"I’m not sure the Air Pollution video would have come together in the way that we had envisioned it if it wasn’t for Sandra stepping in and bringing her skills, professionalism and creativity to the project. Working in 3D was a real departure for us and with high expectations and not much experience we were really fortunate to have Sandra as part of the team. Her enthusiasm and temperament was invaluable and made the entire production happen smoothly, timely and with very little stress. It was a great experience working with Image Propeller Studios. I would consider doing a future 3D project based entirely on the prospect of having Sandra on the team."

Bob Lanphear | Lanphear Design