Are you wondering what to expect when you sign up for one of our signature animation or Explainer video projects? We've created this process overview to help you understand our process.

We understand your time is incredibly valuable, so when it comes to managing and producing animated explainer videos, we organize and handle everything. We walk you through each step of production and keep you up to date on every important detail. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and keeping projects on time and budget.

A two minute explainer video generally takes 8 weeks to produce. This timeline will lengthen or shorten depending on how responsive our clients are to deliverables. Although we can accommodate tight deadlines, there is a creative process that requires space and time to breathe, so we generally discourage rush time lines.


Before we begin any animation or explainer video project, we take great care to listen and understand your business, product or idea. We will set up an initial meeting to discuss the following items: your target market, their pain points and how your offering solves them, the features and benefits of your offering and a discussion about your competitors. This discovery phase is critical to a successful project, so it's important that all stakeholders attend and participate.


The script is the foundation of a great explainer video and this step will require the most attention and input from our clients. We have the skills and expertise to convert a client's brand story into a script that will communicate effectively on screen. Script writing is a process and often takes a few iterations to get the message just right. A client's involvement is key and we’ve found that a video is enhanced by a client’s active role. Before we move onto storyboard and voiceover, the script must be signed off by the client.


The storyboard provides a visual roadmap for the explainer video. It offers insight into how images and ideas will transition from scene to scene and how they will match up with the voiceover. The images are usually quick sketches or mock ups to quickly convey an idea. We intentionally keep images simple in order to make changes easily and empower the client to make suggestions without the worry of trashing a final idea.  Similar to script development, the storyboard requires collaboration and back and forth between client and studio. The storyboard must be signed off by your team before animation proceeds.

Voice Overs

A great voiceover can make all the difference in your animated video. We are careful to audition a pool of voiceover talent that will fit your video concept and script exactly. Voiceover talent is hand-picked based on project fit, talent and professionalism. We generally offer 5 voice audition that we feel are best for your project. This will allow you to choose a voice that fits with your preferences. At this point, there is no right or wrong choice as we have prescreened the voices to fit your brand.

Custom Design

Your explainer video will be a custom fit for your brand. We make every effort to stay inline with your philosophy and identity, and that includes every design detail right down to characters, color, fonts, graphics and illustrations.  We will present design frames, character designs and/or mood boards to indicate the style of animation and design for each video.


All animation is carefully planned out and executed once the storyboard is signed off by you. At this point, there is very little required on your end. We will present the first 10 seconds of animation within the first week of animation production to ensure we are all on target and your expectations are met. On our end, this is the most intense part of production as we work hard to bring everything to life. You will hear from us consistently with updates, but you will not be required to offer feedback until presented with the final product.


When animation is complete, we will upload a preview video for you to review. This video will include final animation, voiceover, stock music and polished design.

We ask that you take your time reviewing this final video. Share it within your team of decision-makers and when you have gathered all the feedback, we will ask you to send over a list of your revision requests. With requests in hand, we will go back and make changes to the video according to your requests.

Our explainer video packages include up to 3 rounds of revisions. Once the video is complete and signed off, we will render and upload all file formats of the video you would request.

Typically clients are looking for the following resolution: 1080p & 720p in .mp4 format, as well as an uncompressed .mov file format for any future editing they may have on their end.


If you are ready to start a project, fill out the contact questionnaire and tell us more about your project!

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