AllergeN Child Study

Allergen - the Allergy, Genes and Environment Network - has a wealth of very important research which needs explaining to the general population. In particular, the CHILD study has ongoing research that affects children and families. They contacted us to create a video about the link between air pollution and allergies in children.

the challenge

 Our goal was to create a 3-4 minute whiteboard video that would focus on one study in particular: the link between air pollution and allergy risk in children. The description is as follows:

Evidence is mounting that the period from conception to age six is critical to long-term health and well-being. The CHILD Study is following 3,500 Canadian children from pre-birth to school age and beyond to help us understand the causes of allergies and asthma, and other chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

CHILD research has found that exposure to air pollution in the first year of life increases the risk for allergies. Discoveries such as this will help scientists detect health conditions sooner, treat them better, and even prevent them from developing in the first place.

the Process

We worked closely with Kim Wright, the director of communications. She provided a script which we turned into a storyboard and then a design and animation.

It was important the video was hand drawn, with lots of colour, to evoke a friendly, approachable style. Also, Kim requested that the images be revealed without the traditional hand drawing on the whiteboard, which I wholeheartedly approved. 

Allergen Storyboard

All illustrations had to reflect the cultural diversity of the children and families who participated in this important study.

CHILD Study Illustration

Opening scene - Style frame delivered for NNFA Video

The biggest challenge was planning out the continuous camera movement over the 3 minute duration of the video. Also, how to transition between scenes and introduce elements in a smooth, flowing manner took a great deal of planning when it came to animation.

Scene Transition

Transition between park scene to scene with allergy elements

the solution

The final video we delivered communicated the research information in a clear, interesting and informative way. 

"Sandra created a compelling whiteboard video to highlight our Network’s research on the early-life origins of asthma and allergies. Through her engaging illustrations and animation, Sandra transformed complex scientific concepts into a wonderful story about what the researchers have found and why the work is important. Sandra listens to her client’s needs and was very flexible to provide us with revisions and edits to accommodate our researchers’ feedback. I highly recommend Sandra to prospective clients. I would love to work with her again."

Kim Wright | Director Communications and Knowledge Mobilization @ AllerGen NCE Inc.