Pheromones Training Video

When a product has effective and proven results, but it's a challenge to explain, an animated explainer video can be the solution. It can save time and effort, especially in a situation where training sales staff is essential to success. Read more to see how we helped Ceva Animal Health explain their pheromone products.

the challenge

I had the opportunity to work with MacGregor Marketing Communications to create a solution for Ceva Animal Health. They needed something special to train inexperienced store staff. Their products, Feliway and Adaptil, use pheromones to modify poor behaviours in pets. They can be very effective but explaining them can get a little technical.

The talented folks at MacGregor Marketing Communications created a highly engaging training tool for Ceva that used short, fun interactive animations to convey the main selling benefits. I created the short animations that explained each product. 

the Process

This video series was achieved through a strong collaboration with MacGregor Marketing Communications. They provided the script and rough storyboards. I worked on the design and animation of each video.

I presented mood boards as well as a one page design pitch they could use to communicate design ideas with the client early on in the project.

Ceva Animation Mood Board

Mood Board for Ceva Animated Training Video

Ceva One Page Pitch

One Page Pitch Design

The next step was designing characters! After gathering client needs/preferences, I also did my own research to analyze how the furry creatures would act, move and appear on screen. This was so much fun - I created loads of sketches and explored each character in detail. Then, I edited my collection down and polished what I thought would work best. 

Adaptil Dog Character Design

Adaptil Dog Sketches

Feliway Cat Charcter Sketches

Feliway Cat Character Designs

Below are designs of the human characters. I offered a handful of options for each character.

Pet Owner Design

Pet Owner Design Sketches

Veterinary Design Sketches

Veterinary Character Design Sketches

And here are the final designs!

Cat and Dog Designs

Final Cat and Dog design - ready for animation!

Owner & Vet Characters

Owner & Vet Characters - ready to animate!

the solution

The final videos were used throughout the training modules to guide employees through a user friendly and memorable education experience. 

Screenshot - Cat Under Bed
Screenshot - Puppy leaving family
Screenshot Cat and kittens
screenshot - 2 cats fighting
Title Screenshot
Screenshot Pheremones