Beastie Valley - Video Series

A prevention program for elementary students consisting of 4 video lessons 

the challenge

I had the distinct pleasure of working with my friends at Turtle Box Productions to create and animate a collection of Beastie characters in their world of Beastie Valley.

 The end client, Windsor Essex Children's Aid Society was looking to build resources for online classrooms  to support teachers and education professionals to engage with their students in conversations about safety and well-being in all aspects of their lives, helping adults in the community, and how to ask for help.

the Process

Collaborating with Cam and Kat at Turtle Box is always a creative and delightful experience. They provided a fun and very engaging script for the 4 episodes and I worked with them to design characters, build environments and bring the Beastie world to life through animation.

Character Concepts 

The Beastie Character Line Up

the solution

The final videos can be found on the WECAS website and on YouTube. Check it out!

And here are some final designs!