The City of Vernon

When it comes to something as complex as property tax, most of us glaze over and hope the conversation ends quickly. Sproing creative was looking for the opposite reaction. They needed a memorable way to explain property tax for their client, The city of Vernon. What better way to engage an audience about numbers and taxes than animation!

the challenge

We worked with the creative team at Sproing Creative to create a series of videos to help explain how the city of Vernon calculated property tax. The videos were targeted to homeowners in Vernon with the goal to inform the residents and answer the many questions city hall had been managing. 

the Process

Partnering with Amanda and her team at Sproing Creative gave them the opportunity to expand their offering and create animated explainer videos for clients - even though they did not have the talent in house. 

As an animator and visual storyteller, I can be a secret weapon for marketing agencies- when animation and video needs arise, I will work with you to create something different and amazing - your clients will be delighted and you’ll love how easy the process can be! 

the solution

"As a marketing agency, we needed the ability to offer video and animations services to our clients as needed, and working with Sandra has made it possible to expand our offerings. Our first project with Sandra was for a client that required an online explainer video that they thought would best be done with animation.

Sandra translated complex ideas into visuals that would make sense to anyone. Her illustrations reflected the local community and were 100% aligned with the client’s brand.  Our client was extremely happy with the first video that we produced, and they went on to order two more videos. Sandra was easy to communicate with and she delivered high quality work. She was an absolute pleasure to work with."

Amanda Homeniuk | Sproing Creative

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