Ophardt Hygiene

We had the opportunity to create this informative video for Ophardt Hygiene to explain the history of their dispenser and how they play an important role in all hospitals today. 

the challenge

OPHARDT Hygiene is a family owned business group known world wide for their innovative work in the field of hand hygiene, designing and manufacturing dispensing and compliance solutions to meet the diverse needs of their business partners.

To say they have a complex product is an understatement. It’s no surprise they are always looking for ways to simplify their sales process and communicate the powerful outcome of their products.

When they approached us to produce an explainer video, they knew they wanted an accessible, engaging and friendly way to introduce their product.
The goal of the video:
To increase brand trust and recognition by sharing the origin storyof their main product, the EuroBottle.

the Process

To begin the project, we performed a deep dive into the Ophardt story and brand. We worked with the client to create a broad script outline, beginning with the current concerns of the pandemic and the importance of hand hygiene.

From there, we transitioned into the Ophardt brand history: how the invention of the Eurobottle came about and how it developed over the years.

The script and storyboard process is always the most collaborative. We bring an objective perspective to the table but we require the client to be involved in order to maximize understanding and knowledge of their customer.

The Ophardt team was 100% committed. When this agreement is in place, we always succeed.

In regards to art direction, we chose a limited blue palette with a 2D vector character and environment design. This simple design resonates well with most audiences and the friendly graphics ensure a memorable and friendly experience for all viewers.

One Page Pitch Design

the solution

The careful execution of the Eurobottle Explainer Video was a welcome solution to the marketing and sales team. The video solved the problem of reaching more leads with a controlled and effective message. Our collaborative process ensured the video met all expectations, along with some additional elements of delight!

Check it out for yourself! 

And here some final frame designs


Since releasing the video in the summer of 2020, the Ophardt marketing team has experienced excellent ROI.

Not only have they reached many new customers with the circulation of the video. But they secured their biggest hospital contract during the pandemic!

Most importantly, the video continues to spread the Ophardt brand message; strengthening customer relationships and improving and accelerating lead generation.

Joel Ophardt

Global Marketing Manager
Ophardt Hygiene

"We appreciate Sandra’s ability to bring creative ideas to the table.
Her collaborative storyboarding, design and animation process aligned with our intentions to elevate the Ophardt brand reputation. This high-quality video content has resulted in stronger customer relationships and lead generation opportunities - both of which positively impact our bottom line."