Ophardt Hygiene

This is the second product video we created for Ophardt Hygiene to explain OHMS and how it supports infection control practitioners.

the challenge

OPHARDT Hygiene is a global leader in the field of hand hygiene and hand hygiene compliance solutions. Their hygiene products and solutions improve the lives of individuals around the world each and every day. They offer their customers unrivaled quality and reliability in the products. And their innovations create positive impacts in the hygiene industry.

This particular video gives an overview of how their product, OHMS, can support infection control practitioners:

Hygiene specialists and hygiene managers in hospitals play a key role in infection prevention. The importance and scope of establishing excellent hygiene standards means that they are responsible for an incredible amount of tasks.

The OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System® (OHMS) assists hospital hygiene staff by recording, analyzing, and improving hand hygiene in hospitals.

By telling a story through our character, Emma, we have simplified how hygiene staff can reduce infections and improving patient safety by implementing OHMS.

And here some final frame designs

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Joel Ophardt

Global Marketing Manager
Ophardt Hygiene

"We appreciate Sandra’s ability to bring creative ideas to the table.
Her collaborative storyboarding, design and animation process aligned with our intentions to elevate the Ophardt brand reputation. This high-quality video content has resulted in stronger customer relationships and lead generation opportunities - both of which positively impact our bottom line."