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Creating a Niche for Your Animation Biz – Part 1: Why You Need to Cut Your Service List Down

creating a niche

When I started freelancing 5 years ago, I pretty much did everything wrong the first few times around. Actually, things haven’t changed all that much. I still make tons of mistakes and flip flop around when it comes to growing a studio business. But one thing I managed to learn well was the whole idea of […]

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Best Tools For Animation Project Organization

project organization

A huge part of creating a successful animated video is project organization. This involves building systems, schedules and regular communication with clients. For most animators (myself included), the idea of staying organized can send us into a panic. We like to keep things loose and free and let the inspiration guide us. But lesson number one when running your […]

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Tools to Improve Productivity

Last week I shared a list of the tools I’ve adopted to boost creativity. This week, I’d like to share some techniques to helped improve productivity. You may notice my list is of the low tech variety. I don’t include any apps or digital tools here. I’ve tried many of them and yes, a lot […]

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CREATIVITY, WORK FLOW, AND MEANINGFUL BUSINESS At the heart of Image Propeller Studios’ work is the necessity of creative process. Our last post outlined Sandra’s methods behind her latest 3D Logo Reveal, and the road she took from idea to final product. For Sandra, the process was one of visualization. Seeing the idea as an image, […]

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