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Creating a Niche for your Animation Biz – Part 2: How to Create a Niche


In the previous post we discussed the “why” of niching down your creative services. Today, let’s discuss the more practical side of specializing what you do. Let’s look at how you can find your niche and build a successful business.
Your niche is an intersection between your passion, your expertise and a market need. This intersection is your “sweet spot” and is going to take some work to discover. And here’s another truth: this “niching” process never ends.

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Top 5 Tips to Find, Audition and Hire Top Notch Voice Talent for Your Next Animated Video

Voiceover Talent for Animation

Getting a professional, high quality voiceover is a critical part of a successful animated promotional video. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time and resources coming up with amazing visuals and killer story only to have your husband read the script and record it through an iphone while wrapped up in blankets […]

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How to Define and Connect with your Audience so your Explainer Video makes an Impact

Last time, I discussed how setting a goal for your video is the first step in planning a successful explainer video. Now we’ll move onto defining your audience – which is the most crucial part of your plan. Everything from the script to design, to voice over hinges on this piece of knowledge. So, before we […]

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How to Define a Clear Goal for your Next Animated Video

We’ve all found ourselves saying this from time to time: “I’m going to wing it!”. You know, that saying we use when we’re going to fly by the seat of our pants and just dive right into something. We say it when we’re going to do something challenging with little preparation. Like that time you […]

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Tools to Boost Your Creativity

If you are like me, struggling to simplify your day to day routine in order to increase your creative output, then you might like to hear about some of the more useful tools I’ve been using lately to help focus daily creative output.

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Share Your Process

If you have been offering animation services as part of your business, you have probably refined a process to deliver these projects to your client. You are confident that you can deliver a great video on time and budget and you know you have the ability to wow your clients. But how will your potential clients know that you can pull it off? Sharing your production process is an excellent way to gain some momentum with potential clients.

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Do you ever wonder how an animated video is useful for your business? Most of us understand how a video enhances the landing page of a business website, but videos are also creative, promotional tools that boost sales and improve returns on investments. A good promotional video has multiple usages – and all of them are beneficial.

Here’s how:

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