Welcome to Image Propeller Studios!

Are you worried that words aren't enough to communicate your message?

At Image Propeller Studios we are experts in simplifying complex information into custom animation and 3D illustration with a crystal clear message.

Do you feel overwhelmed when planning your elevator pitch? Do you worry about coming across as fake or "salesy" when explaining your product or service?

Perhaps you've written and re-written white papers, blog posts and web copy about your important offering, only to find it's causing even more distance between you and your audience. You are wondering why you can't seem to connect with your specific tribe.

You want to make an impact, but capturing their attention and explaining your offering is far more challenging than you ever imagined!

If your message involves technology, digital health, or scientific research not only are you dealing with complex content that must be clarified, you have the added challenge of building credibility and gaining trust with your online audience.

With so many layers of data, jargon and vital information, how can you deliver all the details and make it memorable?

You are in the right place - We can help! 


  • A clear and consistent way to share your product or service
  • Build Credibility and gain trust in your audience
  • To target and grow your audience reach
  • Save time in your sales process

Then you've come to the right place!

About you

  • You’ve got a smart product or service that is going to improve society and maybe even change the world!
  • You’ve got the passion to drive it forward and a sense of urgency to communicate it quickly but not quite sure how.
  • You’re trying to stand out and get your message heard in this noisy world, but written text on websites and email is creating even more confusion or worse yet, silence.
  • You want to work with someone who listens and understands your message and will work with you to communicate the right message to the right audience.

About Image Propeller Studios

  • Image Propeller is a small, independent studio run by me, Sandra Tournemille. I'm passionate about working with organizations who value quality art and animation and understand the power of storytelling.
  • I help intelligent professionals, scientists, event planners and businesses of all sizes explain their complex and data driven messages with animation and illustration.
  • I’m focused on listening to the details, analysing the complex research and with the help of my talent pool of voiceover actors, writers, illustrators and animators, simplify complex data so your message will even pass the Grandma test. This is a tall order in today's complex world of technology!
  • I’ve spent over 15 years working in creative, digital industries - from animation to video games to illustration.  I’ve also worked with numerous clients to research, analyse and then bring their story to life through creative visual mediums.
  • Running a studio on my own has given me the edge to offer agile services, custom to your needs without the complicated layers of management you deal with in large agencies.  

Some of our awesome clients

Our Core Values


I want to dig deeper and ask the uncommon or difficult questions. Also, I am constantly learning and searching out new ways to improve my services. I have always had a passion for exploring and learning new things.


I am always looking for new and unique ways to tell stories. Whether that is within the script itself or the technique or direction of the graphics and animation. I am always looking for new ways to push my work in new directions.


I want to stay true to myself, my values and beliefs. When I commit to something, it means I will stick with my word and follow through. Sure, there are times when a project gets messy or difficult, but those are the times I am honest with myself and my client. Transparency is the key to overcoming the bumps in production.


I refuse to offer a sub par product to my clients. I have spent years honing my skills and expertise in storytelling, animation and 3D illustration and I want to give each client the very best of what I can offer. This means never cutting corners or offering a service that is less than my full capabilities. From customer care and communication to video and graphic quality, you will always receive the best that I can offer.


Sandra Tournemille is a digital artist and animator with a Bachelors of Media Art (Animation) from the distinguished Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. After graduating, she spent the following 12 years developing her career in 3D Graphics within the video game industry. She worked for top-tier companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

In the spring of 2012, Sandra left the corporate video game industry to establish a unique digital media art studio. A year later, Image Propeller Studios became one of 9 portfolio companies to achieve tenancy in the Generator@One business incubation facility in St. Catharines,Ontario. Image Propeller Studios has worked with clients such as Live Nation Canada, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, United Way and Autodesk.

When she's not focused on client work or animating a personal project, you can find her knitting a pair of socks, lifting heavy weights at the local Crossfit gym or enjoying her latest gin and tonic creation on the backyard patio. She is the wife of a talented writer and jiu-jitsu warrior and proud mother of a 9 year old competitive gymnast.

Based in the beautiful Niagara Region of Canada, you can follow her on Instagram and Vimeo