How to Define a Clear Goal for your Next Animated Video

We’ve all found ourselves saying this from time to time: “I’m going to wing it!”.

You know, that saying we use when we’re going to fly by the seat of our pants and just dive right into something. We say it when we’re going to do something challenging with little preparation.

Like that time you didn’t study for that social science exam or you didn’t prepare a speech for your sister’s wedding, so you’re just going to “wing it”.

We do this for a lot of things in life – sometimes it works out great, and other times you find yourself face down in a pile of regret.

So, when it comes to producing your animated video for business – you may be feeling like you want to “wing it” too, but I’m here to tell you, that’s a bad idea.

You’ve got a lot of money, precious time and extra resources invested in this project and it is not the time to “wing it”. Do not take that risk.

With video marketing taking over the internet these days, it’s easy to get excited about the idea of producing your own video.

But before you hire a studio or freelancer to launch your amazing new animated video, stop and take some time to plan out your strategy – Actually, hang on. Before you even approach strategy, take a couple steps back and let’s get clear on your goals.

Are you ready to set clear goals? Here we go.

The first step to sorting out your video goals is to ask yourself: Why am I creating this video?? And what is the ONE message I want to get across?

This will force you to be focused on your vision and outcome of the video and it will guide every decision you make throughout production.

There are many reasons to create a video and below is a list that can help you sort through your own thoughts and get you clear on the one goal you have for your video strategy.

Increase Awareness

Getting the word out about your product, brand, or research is probably the most common goal when it comes to creating an animated video.

Animated Video in particular has great ROI on this goal since it is short, simple, memorable and offers a captivating story. You can also customize animation and story to align with your message.

Engage your Audience

Keeping your audience’s attention is challenging – but an excellent goal when planning for video. What better way to capture attention than with the right story and visuals, you can improve the shares, likes and comments on your videos.

Educate your Audience

This goal works if you are getting a lot of questions from your community or customers. If you have specific FAQs or common confusion around a specific area of your business or research. focus your video message on your audience and really get clear on the areas they must understand.

Increase Sales Revenue

If you have a product and your goal is to hit a specific sales number, then align your video strategy to this goal. Product videos are an excellent idea here – focusing on the value of the product and digging into the details of how it works.

Improve Website Traffic

Did you know that Google will prioritize your website in searches if it contains a video? Yes, video is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your site.

Your searchability will go up and you’ll have more people discovering you in searches. If this is your goal, you may consider a series of very short videos rather than one longer one. Uploading a series over time will definitely improve your SEO and increase the amount of time users will spend on your site.

So, there you go. I hope these goals will help you set your strategy on the right foot. Whatever you do, don’t just “wing” your next video. Take the time to really plan out your goals and you can avoid that pile of regret altogether.

And if you need some assistance with this part, we’d love to help you out. Send me an email and tell me what you are struggling with as you plan out your video project. I love helping folks sort out this part of the video planning process. So, what are you waiting for? Send me an email now, let’s get started!