Animation Practice – Head Turn

Exercise number 4 and 5 of the 51 Animation Exercises is the classic head turn. I’ve actually skipped the regular head turn and ploughed right into the “head turn with anticipation”.  Somehow it didn’t register with me that these are separate exercises.

What I learned from this exercise:
-Staying on model is really hard. As you can see with my rough pass below the cleaned up version, the head changes shape and the body drawing is not consistent from start to finish.

-Drawing – I need to practice my drawing skills more. This is so obvious when I am drawing out animation. Nothing can hide a bad drawing, especially in animation. On the other hand, the rough drawing version always seems more alive and full of character to me. I love seeing my drawings come to life, even if drawing isn’t my strongest skill.

So, next on the list is the classic character “blink”. Until next time, keep on animating!

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