Welcome to our New Website!

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve launched our new site. And I feel like I have “arrived” as a business owner, now that I’ve gone through my first round of “website re-design”. Since January, I’ve been reading lots of articles about the redesign process and then painfully moved through the process to get the project moving forward. Slowly. And finally, with the generous assistance of Larry and Lisa from CMSintelligence and my awesome programming whiz intern, Daiane, Image Propeller Studios has a new look and a lot more content too!

It was so much fun to plan my original website and I’ll always have my cousin, Dave to thank for a fabulous first website and amazing logo, which, by the way, I will use forever. But as the business has slowly grown and changed, I have begun to see how my online presence was in need of updating. Our services are now focused on promotional animation videos and 2D/3D illustration. We have a coherent “Studio” page to introduce the team to our potential clients and showcase our current clients along with a brand new portfolio gallery to showcase our work. I’m also pleased to have a proper contact page that even shows a map of our office, like all big kids should have.

So, welcome here! Glad you stopped by and please tell us what you think of our new look. We would love to know what’s working and what needs attention.