A month or so back, art critic  Alistair Sooke interviewed Scottish artist John Bellany who – at the vibrant age of 70 – was readying for a national exhibition in Scotland, to honor his years of work.

The BBC interview (click the above link – it’s worth it) highlights, of course, Mr. Bellany’s well-storied and oft-harrowing life. He was fearless, and so utterly dedicated to his vision and internal drive. Even when his life was hitting lows; even when the art world was changing around him, he determined to stay the course. Or rather, his course. 

The results are nothing short of breath-taking – from his earlier, darker work, to his recent (relatively) implementation of vibrant colour. His paintings take small glimpses of a fishing village’s life, and make them immense. He continues to find new inspiration from the world around him today as well.

Why bring this up here? Because art matters. Because at Image Propeller Studios, we are greatly inspired by artists, young and old alike, who have vision – and who hold onto that vision even when the world around them seems to slip away. Or when the shifting world provides new inspiration.

Change isn’t bad or wrong or uninspiring. Far from it. Change is the impetus for art in so many ways. But dedication to a vision is important too. When something takes hold of you and inspires you, you want to see it to its fullest potential.

So we thought we’d mention it here, doff our hats to Mr. Bellany, and see if you feel the same way.


written by Harry Tournemille, wordy guy and behind the scenes lurker.