Creativity starts with an idea. It sounds cliché but it’s really the bare-bones truth. That’s the starting point. From there, it’s up to you how to proceed. You can either get stuck by not making a decision, or you can start taking those steps that lead to something great.

When it came to our new 3D Logo Reveal, we wanted to take the idea of our name: Image Propeller Studios, and progress with simplicity. For us, this meant clean lines, careful lighting, and smooth animation. It’s easy for an idea to get muddled when you try to do too much with it. Sometimes less is more. Well…most often, less is more.

We’ve got two versions for you to look at:

First, the final product in all its glory.

3D Logo Reveal from Image Propeller Studios on Vimeo.

And for those of you interested, we’ve also got a video showing the various layers of work that go into making the final product. It’s a great way to see how ideas transition to something great. The idea finally takes flight:

Image Propeller Studios – 3D Logo Breakdown from Image Propeller Studios on Vimeo.

Still want to know more? Sandra offers some insight into the process:

“For our 3D Logo Reveal, I wanted to focus on lighting and colours. To do this, I chose flat materials without any texture detail. Once the materials were in place, I ran a Key Light pass to to create colours and directional shadows, and then an Ambient Occlusion pass to show contact shadows with the objects’ integrated world. Each pass was then rendered out (using 3D Studio Max) into After Effects, for editing and final touches. From there, the final render occurs and the work comes to live.”

Why are we telling you all this? Because attention to detail matters. A person may not know all the intricate details behind a final product, but they do know when they come across something that catches their eye.

The poet, Gelette Burgess once said, “I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like.” Monty Python said it too.

We get it. Stay tuned for more.

–Sandra and Harry
Image Propeller Studios