The process of making a web video for promotion or instruction can be illusive. Especially if you’ve never been exposed to the production process.

An effective animation or video gives the impression creating something amazing is quite simple. Information flows easily and ideas communicate quickly through simple moving images. It can’t be that difficult to create, can it?

When a new client speaks with us about building a web animation to promote their brand or product, I know how important it is to reveal the work flow process so they understand how we work.

Our small studio approach allows for creative, hands-on interaction with the client. I’ve even drafted up a handy flow chart to illustrate the creation steps a video goes through. 

Client Work Flow

The biggest misnomer about the work flow process for short animation is that a studio takes a client’s idea, disappear into a magical black box and comes out a month later with an amazing final product. In reality, we cannot build a script, storyboard or animation without the commitment and participation of the client.

Strong narrative elements – well written scripts and carefully designed characters – take a lot of planning and require discussion and brainstorming.

The client is essentially the producer of the film. Throughout the process, and with our guidance, they make decisions, offer ideas and become part of the team. This is not meant to be intimidating, but incredibly exciting! Especially if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sit in a producer’s chair on a movie set.

If you’re looking to create an animation or video for your company website, make sure you look into the small studio experience. Team camaraderie inspires creativity and you are bound to make new friends in the process.

You’ll feel like you are contributing to the greater whole, so when your customers and colleagues compliment you on the cool video on your website, you can genuinely take credit as being a part of the talented team who produced it.