At the heart of Image Propeller Studios’ work is the necessity of creative process. Our last post outlined Sandra’s methods behind her latest 3D Logo Reveal, and the road she took from idea to final product. For Sandra, the process was one of visualization. Seeing the idea as an image, and building a story from there.

But creativity, of course, is not limited to images. It is the process from which beautiful imagery emerges. When it comes to business, creativity is the process from which great ideas come to fruition – and the possibilities are endless. The creative, intuitive thinker looks for solutions that sets them apart from others. They seek to bridge the divide between a concept and a tangible result. 

For myself, creativity comes in the form of a question – and that question often comes from an image or scenario. I can overhear two people talking at a park, or look at an album cover for a new indie band. Then I ask why or how or even what? From these questions come answers – and most answers have a story. Even more, most answers come from a meaningful place.

When I worked with the editors of the Half in the Sun anthology for my story, The End of Swinburne, I had to make sure the changes I made stayed true to the story but also actively sought out solutions to the editor’s needs. A fine balance a lot of the time – and not always easily solved – but meaningful.

It’s easy to miss the “meaningful” bit, and yet that’s precisely where everything good about creativity comes from. It is how we relate to one another in a genuine way, how we establish connections between art and business. It is where good business separates itself from the disingenuous, and where attention to detail takes precedence.

Once these connections are made, work flows in a far more organic manner. We can better see the possibilities for creating quality animation, or story boards, or writing content to better inform the public. We do this because we have found a way to bridge the divide.