Why Explainer Videos Work to Simplify your Message

Animated Explainer videos are a relatively new trend in the online marketing world. Aside from the fun characters, cool graphics and lively animations, explainer videos, when done well, have a powerful impact on their audiences. The demand for explainer videos is on the rise, so let’s take a look at some reasons why they are so effective and relevant to businesses today.

Video Marketing is taking over the Internet

I am sure we can all attest to the rise of video on the internet. Whether you’re scrolling through google searches, facebook or YouTube, you cannot escape the growing popularity of online video. Did you know that by 2019, video will be 80% of all internet traffic? That is up from 64% in 2014. This is a huge indicator of where we are headed, so if you haven’t yet considered video as part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to jump in.

Another interesting trend is in video metrics. Initially, marketers were only concerned with the number of views a video would receive. If a video went viral, this was considered a success and the marketing team would celebrate with cocktails and high fives. But as a deeper understanding of target customers surfaced, marketers have begun to shift their attention to customer engagement and the actual conversions a video can achieve.  This shift in metrics offers a valuable indicator of success every smart business needs when pouring money into a marketing.

Get The Message Right, Every Time

If your goal is to get the word out about your product, service or research, one of your concerns will likely be, how can I ensure my audience receives the correct message? When it comes to press releases, sending a journalist text based material can be somewhat dodgy; especially if you don’t aggressively curate the information you deliver. Your message may become muddy, incomplete or inaccurate. Don’t take that chance.

With an animated explainer video, your message be distilled down to a minute or so of your prioritized message. It also gives journalists a bonus tool to include in the actual press release.

Also, a video is the perfect standalone tool for your fans to share – suddenly it’s so much easier for them to spread the word of your awesome message through Facebook and Twitter. And the best part is you can be confident that an accurate message is reaching your audience.

Capture and Hold Attention with Quality Animation

So, we all know that the first step towards establishing an audience is by grabbing attention, but often, the second step of holding an audience’s attention until  it resonates is the tricky part.

This is where explainer videos really shine because they stimulate more than one sense.   Revealing moving images onscreen while a voiceover explains the message engages both auditory and visual senses and in turn will accelerate learning far more than offering some text on a screen. In fact, people retain 58% more information when both visual and auditory senses are stimulated

Great stories don’t appeal to logic, but they often appeal to our senses.  – Seth Godin

Animation is a powerful form of storytelling

When it comes to making connections with other human beings, storytelling is the quickest and most effective way to get your point across. After all, storytelling is a fundamental part of our everyday life. 65% of conversations are stories and gossip and 47% of the average day is spent daydreaming.  We are wired to resonate with stories and images, so if you haven’t already tapped into some sort of storytelling marketing, you are certainly missing out in a big way.

Animation has a unique way of combining simple images with story like no other medium. For most of us, animation connects us to memories and stories from our childhood. It’s a friendly, accessible and fun way to tell a story that’s sure to connect with your audiences in a genuine way.


Most savvy businesses have the basic online marketing down to a science. The branding, the website, perhaps the blog and email marketing campaign as well. But many businesses are missing out on the powerful use of video in their strategy. Perhaps video seems intimidating or overwhelming. If this is the case for you, then finding the right person to guide you through an organized process is key.

I love working with clients; digging into their message and discovering a great story to tell through animation. My goal is to uncover the value of an animated video for my clients and then create a video that not only achieves their strategy goals, but also enhances their brand and gets them excited about their message.

I would love to answer any questions you may have about the process of making an animated explainer video. Head on over to the contact page and shoot me an email.

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