Unlock Complex Ideas with Engaging Animation

Simplify, Illuminate, Captivate!

We help clients connect with their audience through unique explainer videos and illustration.

Make your message crystal clear.

Image Propeller Studios is a small, independent studio that helps businesses simplify complex messages with creative, hand-made animation and illustration.

We know how difficult it is to gain trust and communicate authentically, especially when your message is full of data, details and industry jargon. You just want to stand out and be understood by the right people.

"Sandra is very professional and easy to work with. She worked around our schedule and was very considerate of our timeline. "

"I would happily recommend Sandra without hesitation. Reasons are simple - she does great work, keeps to deadlines, is very responsive and most importantly, she listens."

Patrick J. Robson
Niagara College Research & Innovation

"Sandra was easy to communicate with and she delivered high quality work. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Amanda Homeniuk
Sproing Creative